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Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Cats down seven at the half

St. Mary's was better in every way in the first half and has a 38-31 lead.
The Gaels were better on offense, defense, you name it. Even their fans were more vocal, although not too bright.
One yelled to Villanova during the first half, "Go back to the ACC."
Anyway, the deficit would have been worse had it not been for Corey Stokes. He hit two big 3-pointers to get the Wildcats back into the game.
Still, the problem that has plagued Villanova all season, mainly defense, continues to be a problem. The Gaels have been the better defensive team and that's why they have a seven-point lead at the break.
What is wrong with Scottie Reynolds?
His only field goal in the first half was a steal that he converted into a layup. He only has three baskets in the tournament.
Not good.
Maybe it's The Dunk. The Wildcats rarely play well here during the regular season. Villanova is 12-15 in this building against Providence.
Omar Samhan is the real deal. He has 15 points at halftime and could drop 40 on the 'Cats at this point.
However, Jack McCaffery believes that Villanova has weathered the storm and will come back to win, although not by 20 points.
Me? I'm not so sure.
I have a funny feeling the careers of Scottie Reynolds, Reggie Redding and Russell Wooten (who) will come to an end.


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