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Monday, April 11, 2011

Villanova football decision on hold

The Big East Conference needs more information from Villanova about its potential move to the FBS so the Board of Trustees has tabled its vote on the matter.
The board was expected to vote Tuesday, but that is on hold until God knows when.
The hang up is financial and where Villanova will play its home games.
The Big East apparently wants to make sure Villanova is willing to spend what it takes to make the move to the FBS. A few schools also have concerns about playing at PPL Park in Chester, which seats 18,500, but does have room for expansion up to 30,000.
A couple of school feel that venue is too small in its current makeup for Big East football. Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium is the smallest at 35,000.
This is a hiccup, nothing more. However, it could turn into a public relations nightmare if the Big East says no to Villanova, then brings in a Central Florida or some other school to give it 10 teams in football.
Unlike Temple, which was an associate member for football only, Villanova has been part of the Big East in all sports since the 1980-81 season, the second year of the conference. It is practically a charter member and to say no to the Wildcats would give the conference a black eye.
Villanova appears to be ready to make the move. One Big East source said Villanova is willing to make the leap. Other sources feel that the Board of Trustees will say yes, even though it could cost upward of $50 million to make the move.
That's a huge financial investment for a small private school and for a few schools in the Big East to throw a monkey wrench into the works this late in the game, after Villanova took eight months researching this issue, does not look good for the conference.


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